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TeamFiles is a non-profitable organization. It's a dedicated team of Developers, Graphic Artists & Tech Enthusiasts. There are many different channels on Telegram related to Android modules, ports, device related stuffs etc. that comes under TeamFiles. We are currently only on Telegram. We will soon move to other social platforms.

You can join our Modules Repository Channel on Telegram. Click Here To Join.

If you're a developer or wanna contribute to our projects like making vector themed icons for pixel launcher mod or you wanna do collaboration of your channel with TeamFiles then contact Arnav.

We have a vision of keeping our files channel up to date with all the latest stuff and we're now gonna be posting content regularly on our channel! We want a good user experience where it's easy for users to find files and the instructions as well! We've already started writing Introductions in our posts so the user knows what the mod/module is about! Our team is constantly searching for new Modules/Mods and we're constantly focused towards bringing more and more stuff for everyone!